Repayment-free loans are for you who want a bigger financial respite when you need it.

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What are loan-free loans?

When you take out repayment-free loans, it means you do not have to start paying back on the loan immediately.

You get a repayment period, where you only pay interest and contributions, and no repayments on your loan.

In these periods you do not deduct your debt, so the balance remains the same.

A loan-free loan is typically taken to create air in your budget for a period of time.

Payday loans at Gad-Capital give you time to breathe and space to immerse yourself in new projects or something else without worrying about the economy.

This may, for example, be associated with education or unemployment where income is lower than normal.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to apply for repayment-free loans or a few repayment-free months on your current loan if you know that your financial situation is significantly improved after the repayment period.

NOTE! If your financial situation does not improve after the repayment period, some may seem unavoidable to repay the outstanding debt as the repayments due for future payment have now become higher.

On the other hand, the deduction-free period can be used to deduct other debt, so repayment-free consumer loans at an online provider can be a big advantage for you who have taken more loans.

The loan-free loan, tailored to your finances

Repayment-free loans allow you to tailor your loan to the financial situation.

In a number of consumer loans, you are offered interest and fee-free loans in the first period.

These loans can also be termed deductible as you get rid of repayments for the first period.

Often you can borrow for 30 or 60 days without paying for the loan.

Here, you get a grace period that can give you the required air in the budget.

In addition to having 1 to 2 repayment-free months at the start of your loan period, some loan providers also offer fixed-repayment-free months a year.

At Modus Finans you can choose 2 permanent months, where you do not have to pay the monthly benefit.

That is, you get 2 repayment-free months each year over the entire term of the loan. You decide for yourself which months will be deductible.

However, be aware that your outstanding debt does not change. You just postpone the payment.

But it can be a smart solution if there are months during the year where you are more depressed than financially the remaining months.